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Our Story

Founded by Michael Shackil and Derek Margiotta, Changebridge Growth Partners is a traditional, partnered search fund looking to find one great business to operate for the long term.

We believe that together you can accomplish more and with a deep history dating back to their time as childhood best friends we feel that our partnership is perfectly aligned to grow your business. 

Our name harkens back to those roots with Changebridge being the name of the road that connected Derek's and Michael's childhood homes to one another.


Our Vision
In the News

We are actively looking to find one business which we feel we can help scale and preserve the legacy you created when building it from the ground up.

Given our diverse and complimentary skillset we are confident in our ability to lead, operate and grow over the next decade and beyond. 


Changebridge Growth Partners were recently featured by Michael's alma mater Yale SOM. Check out the write up here.

About Us

We Are

A Great Business at a Fair Price

We are targeting companies that have grown their business into a  sustainable and profitable company. We are prepared to move into negotiations for a quick and fair selling process that allows for you to preserve your legacy and, most importantly, the employees who helped take you there.

Enduringly Profitable

Having a history of strong financial performance is essential to us and will We would love to find a business that has been able to grow their market share despite economic conditions.

Changebridge Growth Partners are targeting companies with at least $2m of profit (EBITDA / cash flow).

What We Offer

Recurring Customers

We love businesses that have deep relationships with their customers who remain loyal to them, coming back year after year to work together.

Strong Culture

Great businesses tend to attract great employees who in turn build a strong culture. Integrity and honesty are very important to us and are looking for companies who share this philosophy. 

Revenues over $5M

We targeting companies who have annual revenues between than $5m - $50M. 


We Know How to Get Things Done

With both of us having worked at startups/founded companies in the past we know that having the wherewithal and mental fortitude to overcome any adversity we face will be critical. We know that being gritty and finding creative ways to problem solve are critical in small to medium sized businesses. Having a decade of experience doing that and knowing how to "just get things done" will be one of the most important things we bring to the table.

Preserving Legacy

You spent years (maybe even decades) building your business, the last thing we would want to do is change that. Michael & Derek are committed to honoring your legacy and the people who helped build your business to the strong firm it is today. We want to be stewards of your people while helping take it to the next level. Integrity, honesty and perseverance are what we pride ourselves on more than anything and are looking for someone who shares our vision.

Backed by Top Investors & Mentors

We believe that "it takes a village" to run a successful business and as such, Changebridge Growth Partners have curated a global and diverse group of investors to help navigate the entire process as our river guides. These prominent investors bring several decades of operational and investment expertise within the lower middle market, with most of them having previously ran their own successful search fund. They have agreed to invest not only their capital, but also their time and mentorship for us to leverage their unique perspectives, deep professional networks, and pattern recognition.

Why Us



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